Three Years Degree Course


PASS COURSE Compulsory
  1. English (Semesters- I & II Pass & Major;  and Semester III Pass only)
  2. MIL*(Assamese, Alternative English, Hindi & Bengali) (Semester I & II Pass and Major; Semester  IV Pass only)
  3. Environmental Studies (Semester  IV Pass and Major)
  4. Computer Skills/ Communicative Skills (Semester  III Pass and Major)
  5. Multi-Disciplinary (Semester IV Pass only)
  6. Skill Based (Semester V & VI Pass only)
Core Combination Any two core subjects to be selected

  1. Economics or Sanskrit
  2. Political Science or Mathematics or Sanskrit
  3. History or Elective Assamese or Mathematics
  4. Philosophy or Geography
  5. Elective  Assamese or Anthropology or Mathematics
  6. Economics or Philosophy
  7. Philosophy or Anthropology
MAJOR COURSE Optional Anthropology, Assamese, Economics, English, Geography, History, Mathematics, Political Science, Philosophy, Sanskrit, Statistics




  1. English (Semesters- I Pass and Major and Semester II Pass only)
  2. Environmental Studies (Semester IV Pass and Major)
  3. Computer Skills/ Communicative Skills (Semester  II Major and Semester III & IV Pass only)
  4. Skill Based (Semester V & VI Pass only)

Subject Combination

Students have to opt for any one of the following combinations: Can offer Major in
A. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics All Subjects
B. Chemistry, Botany, Zoology Botany & Zoology
C. Botany, Zoology, Anthropology Anthropology
D. Physics, Mathematics, Statistics All Subjects
E. Statistics, Mathematics, Economics All Subjects
F. Botany, Zoology, Geography Geography (5 seats only)
G. Computer Sc., Mathematics, Physics Mathematics & Physics
H. Computer Sc. Mathematics, Statistics Mathematics & Statistics


  1. For major in Botany or Zoology, a student must have Chemistry as core subject.
  2. For major in Chemistry, a student must have Physics and Mathematics as core subjects.
  3. For major in Economics (Science stream), a student must have Statistics and Mathematics as core subjects.
  4. For major in Geography (Science stream), a student must have Botany and Zoology as core subjects. No student can opt for major in Botany or Zoology from this combination.
  5. For major in Economics, a student must have passed in Mathematics in H.S, with an average of 50% marks in Mathematics in HSLC and H.S.
  6. No change of combination or subjects (both in Arts and Science stream) will be allowed after admission.


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