Designed by Sri Rabindra Bhattacharjee, the College emblem was adopted in the year 1952. Condensing in itself a wealth of meaning, the emblem is set on the lines of a lotus, which symbolizes the richness of Indian culture and tradition. Contoured on the structure of a Buddhist Stupa it signifies austerity and aspiration for the highest order of knowledge. The fort depicted on it symbolizes the Fort or Garh on the banks of river Dibru from which Dibrugarh got its name. The lamp engraved within the fort stands for purity and illumination through knowledge. The motto inscribed in Sanskrit Jnanta Paratarang Nahin means knowledge excels all; the two rearing elephants on either side of Assam’s traditional Sarai depicts the richness of Assam’s abundant natural resources, knowledge, memory and power and also the receptiveness and humility that is essential for acquiring knowledge.


D.H.S.K. College Dibrugarh, Assam strictly obeyes and follows the rules and regulations laid down by the Section 4 (1) of the RTI Act 2015

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